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Monte Mariposa


Retreat Centre for Self-Realisation


Accommodation at Monte Mariposa

Monte Mariposa is a residential Retreat Centre in the heart of the Algarve. The Centre is located in a beautiful valley which creates the supportive environment for what we offer.
Our facilities are simple, functional, and comfortable.
Monte Mariposa has 2 parts: The main building, built in the 1990’s  was designed to maximise the use of natural light and can accommodate 34 people. Some years later, an independent infrastructure was created in the valley. Wooden cabins, a yurt and tipis were built around a Thai-style workspace and outdoor-kitchen. An outdoor workspace under old trees, a swimming pool and a sweat lodge complete the valley. 24 people can be accommodated.
Both these parts can be used individually or together and offer a wide range of different kinds of accommodation and workspaces. Monte Mariposa is nestled in a beautiful and tranquil environment, creating a harmonious and supportive atmosphere.

Main Building - 34 Bed Spaces

  • Workspace: Sun Room (105 m²)
  • Workspace: Meditation Room (50 m²)
  • Kitchen area (equipped for large groups)
  • Roof terrace (huge terrace with an amazing view; great for group practise like Thai Chi, Yoga, Contemplation)
  • 2 dining-areas
  • Studio (for small groups, individual treatments)
  • Different outdoor spaces for relaxing, reading, sharing, resting
  • Wood burning stoves in different parts of the building
  • 3 apartments, each with:
    • 1 room with double bed
    • 1 room with 3 single beds
    • 1 room with 1 double and 1 single beds
    • 1 bathroom
  • Self contained apartment with 1 double bed, 1 kitchenette, 1 bathroom
  • 2 dormitories with 6 beds each, 4 showers, 2 toilets
  • 1 terrace room with 2 beds

VALLEY - 24 Bed Spaces

  • Workspace: Temple of the Valley (80 m², glazed)
  • 9 wooden cabins with 2 single beds
  • 1 wooden cabin with double bed
  • 2 wooden cabins with kitchenette, double bed, bathroom
  • 2 wooden cabins with 1 double and 1 single bed
  • 1 tipi (2 single beds)
  • Kitchen with dining area
  • 2 shower buildings with toilets (6 showers, 5 wc)
  • Outdoor workspace: Temple of the Trees(approx. 18 m²)
  • Swimming pool (can be heated)
  • Space for camping